V.4 Released!

Few noteworthy additions:

  • Video Stream Proxying – Now all images and video can be proxied through the MobileMyth webserver so your mobile device does not need any access to the backend.  There is a problem with the video streams still.  For some reason some players will drop the stream.  If you are using a player that can fast forward through an inprogress transcode it is not too bad.  This must be enabled on the frontend settings page and leave it disabled if you will only use your device in your house.
  • No images mode
  • Improved support for multiple transcodes of a single recording
  • Select Date format
  • Video folders are now supported
  • Initial support for multiple languages (if you are interested in translating for your language let me know)
  • Device reporting (the settings page load a page on mobilemyth.net so I can get a lit of devices/sizes that are popular.  This is an optional ability on the general settings page.)
  • Play on Frontend has been added to the recordings screen and the basics of a remote are included once you start the playback.  Auto detection of frontends is not working yet so you have to define them in an xml file yourself for now.
I am sure I am missing some other things here and there but that is the bulk of it I think.  Just download it over the top of your existing install if you already have it.  Let me know how it goes.

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