MobileMyth Preview Released v.3

Welcome everyone!  I am finally at a point where I am ready to release the first public version of MobileMyth.  It is a web based MythTV frontend designed to work on mobile devices taking advantage of the HLS streaming.  This all started a few weeks ago as a way for my wife to be able to have her tv shows available while feeding our new born on multiple devices.  I wanted something that was easy for her to use and I had the ability to easily fix/upgrade.

As of this point, recording and video stream has been implemented.  Recordings can be viewed by date or show.  Organizing Videos into sub folders have not been implemented.  I tried to use cover/fan art to make it all look a little nicer. Like the ipad app, HLS is highly supported on iOS while at the same time Android requires a 3rd party player like Dice.  My Galaxy S3 with the latest update can play the stream in the native player though.

The site is written in but is fully supported under mono (and that is how I run it).  You can find the install instructions here and will see installing it looks just like installing a php based site.  You just have to install mono like you would php.  All configuration of the site itself is via browser.


I hope you find this useful and you can expect more updates over the coming weeks.  After 9+ years of enjoying MythTV I hope this project is my way of giving something back to the community.

Note that streaming to a remote device that cannot directly resolve your backend is not currently supported. The settings are in the FE setings page but have not been tested yet. Next release will have this for sure.

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