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I got this setup on my fedora machine.  Here are the steps I took.  I am pretty sure this is all I needed to do to get it up and running on my system; however, I am relying on the history command and may have forgotten some other steps I took.

yum install unzip mono-extras.i686  mono-core.i686 mono-basic.i686 mono-basic-devel.i686  httpd mod_mono mono-web

wget -O

unzip -d /var/www/html/


Edit this file to make sure the paths are correct.  I had to edit the path for where mobilemyth is on my system, the path given in the file from github is /var/www/mobilemyth, whereas my system is /var/www/html/mobilemyth.  You may need to edit some other lines here.  The two specific lines I edited now read as follows:
Alias /mobilemyth “/var/www/html/mobilemyth”
MonoApplications mobilemyth “/mobilemyth:/var/www/html/mobilemyth”

mv mobilemyth-apache-config /etc/httpd/conf.d/mobilemyth.conf

chown apache:apache /var/www/html/mobilemyth/ -R

service httpd restart

Then browse to http://webserver/mobilemyth and set it up.  The rest, I was able to get from the website.

Thanks Gabe!

One thought on “Install Instructions – Fedora

  1. Here are some other hints for fedora install:
    For x86_64 leave off .i686 for yum install of mono.

    Also make sure a /var/run/mod_mono dir owned by apache is created or you’ll get a http server error like this in your logs:
    Failed to create shared memory segment for backend ‘mobilemyth’ at ‘/var/run/mod_mono/mod_mono_dashboard_mobilemyth_2′

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