Auto Transcode New Recordings and Videos

<rule title=”glee” resolution=”720p” after=”12/31/2012″ />
<rule title=”cleveland” resolution=”720p” after=”1/20/2013″ />
<rule title=”broke girls” resolution=”720p” after=”1/1/2013″ />

By editing a simple xml file you are able to define rules to have recordings and videos auto transcode to your selected HLS format.  I run this as a cron job every night.  The title part does a contains match on an recording show title or video file name, transcodes it to the machine transcoding profile (use the name) and only converts files added/recorded after the given date (mm/dd/yyyy format).  So in this case any episode of “2 Borke Girls” recorded this year will be auto transcoded to the profile names 720p.

* 22 * * * curl

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